323 definitions by sean

something that is completely necessary and amazing
dude that bong hits crucial
by sean March 25, 2005
A horrible discrase to rock n roll, and their band should all be beaten with their instruments.
hm...lets play some fabulous blink one eightypoo and switchfoot...and some hoobastink...and some cum41. or not...cuse they Suck and play music for stupid farie teenagers, and sweaty old men who want to be cool.
by Sean February 27, 2005
Bugspray in a bong!
Gimmy some hydro.
by Sean March 22, 2004
One who enjoys the feeling of sandpaper on his or her genitalia
that bastard necrophiliac cut his balls on the roughness
by sean April 04, 2005
it is a mullet hair do that is long on one side instead of the back.
a 180 degree turn of the mullet
by sean March 24, 2005
its like okay but slightly different. i came up with it one day when i was talking and it just came out.
its easy m'kay. m'kay now what. you got that m'kay.
by sean March 09, 2005
An overrated wrestler who doesnt know when to quit.
Shawn Michaels,the "Show Stoppa",the "ICON",or my favorite the "LIAR".
by Sean April 02, 2005

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