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The place that the human race has for thousands of years tried to destroy, and are finally getting it right..
Nuke`s are nice
by Schteen May 21, 2003
The best selling author still alive in England. Famous for his discworld series.
He lives behind his keyboard in Wiltshire, trying desperately to respond to his fan-mail
by Schteen May 22, 2003
When you can control both your hands with equal precision, you're ambidextrous.
-Hey, I can fap with either of my hands!
-w00t! You're ambidextrous, dude!
by Schteen November 10, 2003
A way to verbally make someone like you less.
"Your mom!"
by Schteen May 20, 2003
Character from the discworld series. Failed wizard, who carries one of the eight most powerful spells in the world in his mind. Only trouble is, he doesn`t know how to use it. AND that`s the only spell he can learn.
by Schteen May 22, 2003
Very popular book series by Terry Pratchett, about a world shaped as a disc, that is carried by four elephants who again stands on the back of a gargantuan turtle. The discworld is home to many strange people, like Rincewind
Go read a book! buy discworld!
by Schteen May 22, 2003
Physically Straining activity, causing you to fly for a very limited amount of time.
May cause heavy breathing and in extreme cases(when doing it twice)exhaustion
go jump in a river
by Schteen May 21, 2003
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