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A phrase used to indicate that the target is about to be introduced to a whole world of pain. Specifically, you, by opening this can, are going to unleash the power of whooping (that is, in the sense of attacking and beating, not in the sense of whooping cough) upon their sorry ass.
1. Specific use:
Jerry paused in thought.
"For what you have said about my mother, my girlfriend, and the proud ancestry of my forebears," he announced, "I have every intention of opening a can of whoopass."

2. General form:
"If <offending body> continues with <offending action>, it is totally time to open a can of whoopass"
#whoopass #can of whoopass #violence #kicking ass #beating
by Ben Graham October 12, 2005
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a.k.a. Ima kick your ass
Im about to open up a can of woopass on you!
by sarah elizabeth July 07, 2005
Don't mess with,Blossom,Bubbles,And Butturcup.AHATSADADA
a can of whoopass suck it
#a #can #of #whoopass #butturcup
by Sonic101TailsFucksCream May 01, 2010
usaully meaning you're going to get your ass kicked aka you're going down aka you're gunna die etc...
your about to be served a can of whoopass
by haha No September 18, 2005
a foot stuck up (your) ass which must be surgically removed by a medical professional a.k.a (yo' mama)
a mother knows best how to treat "a can of whoopass"
by Miralem B August 08, 2005
There is no such thing as "whoopass". The correct spelling is "whup ass" or "whupass". It comes from saying the term "whip ass" with a Southern accent.

Yes, it can be stored in a can and opened at the proper moment.
"I'm gonna put some whupass on you".

"Open a can of whupass on you".
by Dan Lei August 02, 2005
something i open up on sorry losers.
something my grandmother opens up when her titties sag too low
" im gonna kick your ass" -hank hill
by samdog November 10, 2004
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