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Someone who partakes in the acts of licking breasts, whilst being very courteous and respectful of the privacy of the female involved.

Can be abbreviated to ATL.

Note: nipples are treated as demi-Gods by the ATL's.
"She had a cracking pair, but I respect her as much, much more than that, as a person in fact. It was like our souls were connected via the act."

"You're such an Amish Titty Licker."
by scentless apprentice January 04, 2010
The most awkward burger to ask for at a drive-thru that McDonald's will ever offer. Sounds wrong in so many ways to those of us with a sick mind, yet to innocent citizens, is a mere burger
"Ill have a er... Big Tasty please."

"Would you like any sauce?"

by scentless apprentice January 05, 2010
A sentence used in the same way as a fishing line, to reel in whores.
It determines whether the girl you are speaking to, despite appearance or behaviour, is indeed a whore.
Easily distinguishes those you should not be spending time on or with.
"Yeah, I used a whore line to see how whorey she really is."
"She's a whore alright, fuck that."
by scentless apprentice January 04, 2010

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