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when black people act in a way that is not appropiate in a specific place, for example: sucking on ur teeth in a job interview or bowling (limping) so hard everyone turns to look...
mandem "why u so niggeried bruv? this is the 21st century?"

niggerfied bredda " u forgot ma people were slaves? i'm jus letting people know im black, u hear me?

mandem "we are all black out here bruv, cause ur ancestors were slaves dont mean u have to rob n steal to eat, get a job!"
by sammysam October 23, 2006
when some thing is good or attractive
"that girl is chong" or "this tastes chong"
by SammySam October 19, 2006
popular london underground grime crew based in east..
that boundary crew is grimeeeeeeeeeey...
most recent releases include "hits like us"
they cant make no hits like us, hits like us, hits like us...
by SammySam October 19, 2006
london garage n grime crew
members include "lethal b" "fumin" "ozzie" and many many more.. very big on the underground music scene
they are also and more recently known as Fire Camp.
tracks include "oi" 'oi who's that more fire crew'and "pow" 'leathel the bizzle records'
by SammySam October 19, 2006
formerly known as more fire crew
east london based grime music crew
Made up of more fires original members aswel as boundary crew and a few additions. new album to hit the shops in january
fire camp members include leathal bizzle, fumin, whizz kid, ozzie, knowledge, taz, fader, topkat plus loads more
by sammysam October 23, 2006
london based m.c
originates from Monsterrat,
spits in a unusual but poplar ragga grime mixup
fader topkat fumin and taz make up boundary crews original members, they also part of Fire Camp
by sammysam October 25, 2006

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