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Bacardi 151 (rum) - as in 151 proof or 75.5% alcohol. As a teen dealing with bouts of depression and bursts of let-loose fun, it's the beverage of choice now that I've outgrown my vodka phase. BUT DAMN THIS SHIT IS A BITCH GOIN DOWN! Get's ya f'd up hard and fast.
I drink 151 because I think I'm hardcore. But really I'm just hardcore because I'm drinking alone tonight... and tomorrow night. "What's wrong with Sam?" "Oh, he's tapped his private stash of get-fucked-up."
by sam November 04, 2004
Derogatory slang for mall security guards/vehicles. Derived from 5-0, a slang term for police officers/vehicles.
The 4-0 got on my ass after I boosted that Clay Aiken CD from Sam Goody.
by Sam March 04, 2004
Someone who speaks an Indo-European language.
Arya is the noble race.
by Sam December 14, 2003
High;the cause and affect of some good weed.
That Blueberry bud had me zoning last night.
by sam November 07, 2003
the fine.. but rare art of receiving a blowjob while you are taking a crap

so when you cum you go!
gimmie a call
by Sam December 27, 2003
kinda like sayin cheg
showin ur apreciation for sumat by flikin ur hand out and makin that anoyin clikin sound when ur fore finger cracks ur index finger.
cheg this out
thats well mad (click click click)
by sam October 15, 2003
Fisting someone and pushing your whole forearm in.
"I was elbow deep in Steve"
by Sam April 30, 2004
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