492 definitions by sam

a fucking uncle fucker
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh colin
by SAM September 26, 2004
too talk too much
stop yabbering on SHUT UP !
by sam June 23, 2004
Sam Ronan's nick-name
"Hey Scro, how's it hanging?"
by Sam March 03, 2005
um...spellchecker mb?
i typed tounge and the spellchecker started beeping and flashing.
by sam February 23, 2004
a total fuckhead
you what an inner
by sam August 31, 2003
The main staple of a nigger's diet.
Usually consumed with some extremely sweet fruit drink.
I can see that we're in Buffalo because there are hundreds of dirty niggers bumming fifty cents to buy a bag of Doritos.
by Sam June 01, 2005
Sum lil band that think their kool cus they toured wiv busted! can i say summit UR NOT!!! ur townies that try 2 b busted who r rubbish in the 1st place i mean y do we need 2 busted's?!?!?! gaa n they were all like "we are pop i mean we dnt go around tryin 2 b sumit were not!" WELL STOP PRETENDIN 2 PLAY GUITARS N AV WANNAB MOSHIN IN Ur CRAPPY LIL VID!! i mean cum on the wrld suffrd n e nuf wen busted were realised but now mcfly aswl god sum1 stop them!
"n every1 asks me who she is that weirdo wiv 5 coulours in her hair...1234...do do do doo." *gets beeyatch slapped by sum1 that likes proper music*
by Sam April 02, 2004

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