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497 definitions by sam

um...spellchecker mb?
i typed tounge and the spellchecker started beeping and flashing.
by sam February 23, 2004
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a total fuckhead
you what an inner
by sam August 31, 2003
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The main staple of a nigger's diet.
Usually consumed with some extremely sweet fruit drink.
I can see that we're in Buffalo because there are hundreds of dirty niggers bumming fifty cents to buy a bag of Doritos.
by Sam June 01, 2005
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Sum lil band that think their kool cus they toured wiv busted! can i say summit UR NOT!!! ur townies that try 2 b busted who r rubbish in the 1st place i mean y do we need 2 busted's?!?!?! gaa n they were all like "we are pop i mean we dnt go around tryin 2 b sumit were not!" WELL STOP PRETENDIN 2 PLAY GUITARS N AV WANNAB MOSHIN IN Ur CRAPPY LIL VID!! i mean cum on the wrld suffrd n e nuf wen busted were realised but now mcfly aswl god sum1 stop them!
"n every1 asks me who she is that weirdo wiv 5 coulours in her do do doo." *gets beeyatch slapped by sum1 that likes proper music*
by Sam April 02, 2004
47 245
The band that the phrase'SEX DRUGS & ROCK AND ROLL'was practically coined for. Performed the best song ever written for various reasons, Stairway To Heaven. What every person over the age of 13 should know: Robert Plant (vocals), Jimi Page (lead guitar), John Paul Jones (bass/keyboard), John Bonham (drums).
To be a rock and not a roll
by Sam December 06, 2003
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A word made up by niggers who have no grasp of the English language. Since they cannot pronounce "whore", they must use this word. It can be used in nearly any context, but it usually refers to some fat sloppy nigger lady with a huge ass and ten kids.
1- Dat ho be fine, yo!
Trans: That fat sloppy nigger lady with ten kids that is eating Doritos has a fat ass and I would like to be the illegitimate father of her next child!
by Sam June 01, 2005
100 386
Short for reality-distortion field. An expression used to describe the persuasive ability of managers like Steve Jobs (the term originated at Apple in the 1980s to describe his peculiar charisma). Those close to these managers become passionately committed to possibly insane projects, without regard to the practicality of their implementation or competitive forces in the marketpace.
Steve Jobs is extremely demanding of all those around him and has a very low tolerance for anything but excellence. Because he can be shockingly blunt in his dealings with others, he is often portrayed as abusive, but this is dead wrong. He simply demands/expects great things from everyone around him. I honestly believe he can't understand why anyone would want to waste their time doing anything less than great.
by Sam March 21, 2005
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