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497 definitions by sam

To invite oneself into a day of previously planned activites.
Nick: Hey mans, Josh just invited himself over!

Sam: But we're about to go out!

Nick: I know! Damn.

Sam: Josh just bamboozled us.
by Sam July 24, 2004
9 41
your mom. a word that expresses deine mutter
deine mutter ist heiB
by sam April 15, 2005
5 38
a 'nang' is a little metal bomb shaped like thing that holds nitrous oxide. this is inhaled with the aid of an old soda stream device, the gas is then released into a baloon then inhaled through the mouth. nangs are particually good when taken coming down on exstacy.
eg. big night out, head mangled, go back to a party get some nangs. cause it strangely sorts your head out when you come back down to earth from the nang hit.
by sam February 17, 2004
18 51
A nickname giving to sam by the coolest, hottest, and funnest people God has ever made.
Hey Warhead, can you give me the phone?
by Sam March 26, 2005
2 36
When your dick grows 11 inches after looking at the the hottest in the world. You list wanna slam her like a basketball net all night long.
When you look at Melissa.
by SAM February 15, 2004
42 76
pertaining to, or being an arse.
"I can't stand that arsene wenger."
by sam March 19, 2004
17 52
The act of sex with a spider. Comes from the word 'spider' and the word 'sex'.
'On the way to the park i stopped to have some spidersex'
by Sam March 12, 2005
20 56