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492 definitions by sam

When your dick grows 11 inches after looking at the the hottest in the world. You list wanna slam her like a basketball net all night long.
When you look at Melissa.
by SAM February 15, 2004
pertaining to, or being an arse.
"I can't stand that arsene wenger."
by sam March 19, 2004
The act of sex with a spider. Comes from the word 'spider' and the word 'sex'.
'On the way to the park i stopped to have some spidersex'
by Sam March 12, 2005
in reference to a dirty female.
She's so kife.
by SaM October 18, 2003
perverted midgets trying to get sumthing from 3 year old children that go to the zoo with there mommys and daddys trying to have a good time. Well let me tell u sumthing it was the midgets that in the end had the good time. "Once they come to my neverland house they aint never wanna come back, i meen go back.
look at those midget gum drops with the catch of the day.
by sam September 26, 2004
Aka.Hairy s*****y. She is a big fat slut who cant keep her skirt out of her knickers for one second when she walks.Is a liar who cant stick up for herself and has played the little miss inocent card for waaaaay too long!
Pettyness in basketball then lying about the facts
by sam June 19, 2004
a small niple looking pimple on a male genital (nipple/tit)
Jerrys so sick,i saw his dick and it has a NIT on it.

nicholas n samuel
by sam December 23, 2004