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Australian Record Industry Association. Just like the RIAA, but they don't sue 12yo girls.
Tbe ARIA is one of the better record companies.
by Sam October 04, 2003
my brother when he is stoned
dude, i am feeling giddy
by sam June 23, 2004
N. A Person Who Drinks Cum out of black mans chocolate starfish with a straw.
That Nigger's sucha shrimper.
by Sam January 18, 2005
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural cougars also cougar
Etymology: French couguar, modification of New Latin cuguacuarana, from Tupi siwasuarána, from siwasú deer + -rana resembling
Date: 1774
Date of urban adoption: circa mid-1990s
: a woman, typically in the 30s, who intentionally preys on younger men, who are typically in their early 20s. Although the term's urban use began pejoratively, it is now usually viewed as a compliment, as young men frequently seek out attractive cougars.
Related terms: puma lynx
John went home with that cougar last night. He is 18; she is 35. It must have been one hell of a night, since they are each peaking, sexually.
by Sam November 30, 2003
sam has a big cock but dean has a very very small cock
Sam's cock is so huge it is 1,0000000000000000000000 times the size of deans
by Sam December 08, 2004
not havin the respect for ones game room on said night. not following the rules of the game room.
yo man, i had rocky over last night, not only was the bitch bigger than him, but using my room for nasty ass ho's !!! man, that was uncool !!
by sam November 18, 2003
A female character from the Dreamcast game Skies of Arcadia.
Fina sure is the best character in Skies of Arcadia!
by Sam August 21, 2003

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