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492 definitions by sam

When two people are having sex in the snow and the male ejaculates on the woman's face, shoves her face into the snow until the semen freezes, and then grates it off with a cheese grater.
Hey man, I see that Jackie's face is still recovering from that white christmas I gave her three weeks ago!
by Sam January 19, 2005
tyler was here
el bavino
by SAM December 13, 2003
Another means of saying your going to smoke pot/get high.
"Hey man, you wanna go to california tonight?!"
by Sam November 20, 2003
Sticking ones finger into anothers no-no areas, mostly the anus, and then pullign it out after a few seconds.
Put 'er there and give me one a 'em Louisiana handskaes
by Sam March 03, 2005
Australian Record Industry Association. Just like the RIAA, but they don't sue 12yo girls.
Tbe ARIA is one of the better record companies.
by Sam October 04, 2003
A female sibling who is acustomed to liking women. this attraction eventually developes into an obsession, and the now lesbian female is unable to be stopped
i fucking hate my lesbian sister
by Sam June 10, 2002
Knows how to live on the streets. Can function on streets.
He might not be acadimiclly smart, but he sure is street smart.
by Sam March 25, 2005