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23 definitions by sMiLeY

To dance then fornicate with a new friend
a phrase that is utterly revolting when uttered by Paul's grandmother.
by Smiley March 28, 2005
"A sense of toast.."


2.An understanding of logic or a logical understanding of knowledge/ the universe.
1."I got a sense-of-toast on this.."
(I have a feeling about this..)

2."That guy has a keen sense-of-toast with computers.."
(That guy has a deep / strong understanding of computers..)

3."To have a sense of toast."
(To be technically minded.)
by sMiLeY February 05, 2005
The smoking and squealing of the tires of a car.
That ricer has no idea what he's doing, did u see him burn out?
by Smiley March 20, 2004
a guy who appears to have only one testicacle, but has has none, just a ball of flab wishing to be a ball.
well he culdnt get me pregnant! he was a fricken uniflab!
by smiley May 05, 2003
Spankaliscious..NO 1: (Proper Noun) given to the best looking female player on online gaming..eg:1...also important to note if fact No 1 is forgotten above named person being Spankaliscious will remind you...constatntly..eg2:
eg1:*Spankys fucking HOT*
eg2:*Please dont kill me its not my fault im HOT*
by Smiley December 01, 2004
a group of teenagers who will take over the world with their magic mushrooms..... oh the world will be great

yes tardz stands for retardz or stoners
oh here comes some tardz united... shit theyre all high! wow thats great!
by smiley May 26, 2003
when something is excellent or brilliant it may be called propa-bo
man ur moms sweet ass is propa-bo!
by Smiley March 23, 2003