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grr i'm mad you stupid fuck
damn you grr
by sMiLeY January 18, 2003
The process of a person or thing eating the flesh or organs of a creature of the same species. Is a way of life in some tribes.
The man was forced to eat the woman's flesh after she froze to death and food was scarce.
by Smiley July 06, 2004
Half of the Insane Clown Posse known as Joseph Bruce who came out with the six Jokers Cards in addition to Shaggy 2 Dope and various record labels gone through in the past years not to mention the spirits of the Dark Carnival. Also is part of the Juggalo Family of Psychopathic Records with Twiztid, ABK, Anybody Killa, etc. Plays with hatchets and axes and enjoys hacking the heads off of bigot fucks and juggahoes.
Don't mess with the clown or your head will come down.

mcl fam
by Smiley July 06, 2004
The language spoken by a whining child or sometimes, adults.
After someone whines, the response would be, "I don't speak Whinese"
by smiley August 03, 2003
surf talk which is a cross between yeah and dude!
"you were like whoa and i was like whoa and we were like chah!"
by smiley May 23, 2003
type of insult or another word for fuck
"oh matt your such a fudgemonkey!"
"i like fudge"
"oh you stupid fucker!"
by smiley May 26, 2003
Small private school right outside of Atlanta. Not too stuck up, not too ghetto. A nice inbetween school for those who know the Atlanta school system.
The kids at Holy Innocents' don't act too holy and I know for a fact they aren't that innocent.
by Smiley November 03, 2004

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