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The tablet form of extacy that you pop in your mouth!
Aye, dog, aye, where dem Molly Pops?!
I been up for four days, can't fall asleep, I'm on molly pops!!!
by rusty squeezebox June 13, 2008
Hand mixed and pressed chemical compound drugs.
Yo, you got some pressies?
I'm hella geeked on these pressies!
by rusty squeezebox June 13, 2008
To be real real real high, on meth, crack, PCP or whatever gets you fuzzy!
I was nekkid gacked out and shootin' at the cops.
I acquired all this copper wire when I were gacked out!
That bitch is gacked the fuck out!
by rusty squeezebox June 13, 2008
The anal area of a person.
I'll piss in her buttcup
I filled up her buttcup.
by rusty squeezebox June 12, 2008
A hoo ha of sorts. In other words, a woman's vagina.
Her stinky peach fish left a stain on my friend's couch.
by rusty squeezebox June 13, 2008
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