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The anal area of a person.
I'll piss in her buttcup
I filled up her buttcup.
by rusty squeezebox June 12, 2008
-one who cups butts
-a cup fitted over the buttocks to make a small butt look round and voluptous
Girl- OMG i got a new butt cup today look at my nice booty
can also be used as a diss"you are such a butt-cup"
by cali-babe February 18, 2005
An insult. Like calling somebody a butthead.
"You stupid buttcup!"
"What an ugly buttcup."
by green day sam October 17, 2006
The small bouncy seat on an old red tractor.
While driving a 1954 (or similar) tractor, you must be sure to position yourself on the butt cup properly in order to gain maximum speed.
by Jazz_c December 13, 2005