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Fooling around and such :
...without taking it too far (i.e. fucking eachother)
you dont have to be single!!!
We should get together. You know, a lil foreplay... then who knows...
by RuStY February 14, 2005
The greatest Underground Rapper of all time
<i>Professional, upping the decibel a decimal above
Extraterrestrial audible vessels
For blood audible missiles and vocal dismissals
Like pistols tearing through MC's skeletal gristles</i>
by Rusty February 17, 2005
Those who seek fulfilment through pleasure in life.

See also: epicurean
I am a dirty hedonist. Take off your pants and lather yourself in this chocolate syrup.
by Rusty March 04, 2005
beyond cool. the coolest thing ever. totaly rad. whoa..
I am wicked awesome.
by Rusty April 23, 2004
word that new englanders, such as myself, use instead of really or super. used in my personal favorite phrase, wicked awesome, which i say way to much.
I am wicked awesome.
by Rusty April 23, 2004
A girl (under the age of 15) from Peace River, AB who "hooks up with" a Navagator (shitty hockey player whose hockey career is going no where in life)and later on becomes a puck bunny for the rest of the hockey team.

Becka....Marlee....Pretty much anyone from the Grade 8 class.
Noski- Hey, I just had a gang bang with a 15 year old.

Romeo- Neat...just another navahoe...can I take her for a ride?

Noski- Sure....she's just a puck bunny now!

All- haha hahahaha
by Rusty October 08, 2004
pussy poppin, when a hoe gets her freak on, by leanin backwards till one hand touches the ground and thrusts her pussy in the air.
Misty was p-poppin on the dancefloor with three dudes tryin to get on her.
by rusty December 07, 2003
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