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A term for the distasteful but inexpensive beer "king cobra".
All I have is $1.50, let's go get some cobra piss.
by russiangopher September 21, 2006
An empty bag from boxed wine that has been blown up to be used as a pillow. Due to the tap, firmness can be adjusted to perfection. Comes in very handy after having finished all that wine.
>Wasn't it uncomfortable sleeping behind the dumpster?

>No, I had my space bag pillow with me.
by russiangopher September 20, 2006
The "self-cleaning" public restrooms located on the streets of fine cities such as San Fransisco. For 25 cents, one has fifteen minutes or so to do one's business before being showered with shit water. A haven for junkies with nowhere else to shoot up. They are usually sopping wet, out of toilet paper, the toilets are plugged up, and the floor is littered with used syringes.
I'd rather piss in the middle of the freeway than pay to get into another filthy space toilet.
by russiangopher September 21, 2006
Usually in female punk and shaved hairstyles, two pieces of hair left on the side of the head above or in front of the ears.
That chick's hair would look a lot hotter with bitchlocks.
by russiangopher September 26, 2006
Verb: to decorate a person who has passed out early, for the sake of comedy. Rules vary by social circles, but, in general, falling asleep with one's shoes on means punishment by elfing.
person1: Dude, why does it say 'I heart carson daly' on your forehead?
person2: I got elfed last night.
by russiangopher October 08, 2006

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