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The Pavarotti is a Australian $10 note.
this comes from the word tenner because pavarotti was a tenner Get it
Dude you owe me a tenner
by Russ April 10, 2003
27 9
A tenner (ten pounds or a ten-pound note). A wonderful covert pun I've taken from an article by Antonio Lillo.
Give us a Pavarotti, mate!
by Duncan G April 22, 2010
10 4
Another term for £10
i need to get to the bank for a pavarotti(pavarotti is one of the three tenors.
by penfluff June 22, 2006
9 14
A fat Italian tenor, who has won Italy's fattest man every time since 1970.
Luciano Pavarotti is about 500lbs.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
18 93