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The failure of a women to climax after consuming large amounts of alcohol and participating in oral sex. Opposite of whiskey-dick(male version) no amount of oral stimulation will bring one to orgasm.
I went down on my wife and licked her clit for 20 minutes, she said "I drank too much, Your gonna have to lick forever cause I have a case of whiskey-puss."
by ruralbetter July 17, 2011
the sprinkling of water you get on your butt when you are sitting on the toilet while it is flushing.
Mostly women get a buttslpash while on the toilet if they flush and dont get up fast enough, or if they flush first and sit down too soon.
Men may get a buttsplash from a crash-landed turd.
by ruralbetter March 19, 2010
When someone replies to a post of yours(like on facebook) several days after your original post and whatever ever they write doesn't seem to having any meaning cause that topic is dead.
Someone posts: Had a bad day can't wait to have a glass of wine tonight. Three days later at 11:00 a.m. a friend posts: That sounds good drink one for me. They have left a postmortem post for you.
by ruralbetter March 08, 2010

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