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a shortened version of the word things, on a rude-boy slant.

originally came to me through roots manuva but it's a generally used piece of english street slang, in the london area and up north.
man that guy has got his deals on lock, he really runs tings proper.

hows tings?

i smoked some bum ting last night, it wiped me out!
by rtpHarry November 09, 2004
it means that you are involved with things that will soon be / are already big tings.

associated with english rapper Rodney P after he released the track Big Tings We Inna.

a way of confidently saying that you see good vibes on the horizon.
"man, these hip-hop nights we put on are really blowing up!"
"yeah its big tings we inna, innit"
by rtpHarry November 11, 2004
The production crew for uk-hip hopper Blade.

Born in the Armenian quarter of Iran, Blade came to London aged 7. Within months of arriving, he felt the effect of the Islamic revolution back home. Unable to send money out of the country, Blade’s family could no longer support him. So, with no money, no family, alone in a strange country, Blade’s self-reliance and determination were all he had to see him through. The microphone, the studio and the stage provided his only release.

You know him, you love him, check his homepage at www.blade691.com
yo did u check the new 691 release?

yeah its dope!
by rtpHarry November 11, 2004
to come correct.

when you have things under control in your life, and people can plainly see you have.

to do things correctly, exactly how its properly done.
"you better come correct cus i run tings proper"

"these beats sound dope"
"yeah, we run tings propa grimey round here"
by rtpHarry November 11, 2004
an abbreviation on the term Run Tings Proper.

Used by the creative team at runtings.com as a shortened version of their name.
"did u see rtp|designs latest wallpaper?"
"fo sho"
by rtpHarry November 11, 2004

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