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Fossilized shit, pure and simple.
Coprolites make good birthday gifts for your not-so-loved ones.
by RoseThourne April 24, 2007
A delightful little citrus fruit, usually found around Christmas. Very mild taste, but the larger versions of the satsuma are fasty.
Mwahaha... I stole all the satsumas from the box! Too bad, I don't want to end up like my friend who ate a whole box... she now thinks she's "allergic" to citrus. Whatever.
by RoseThourne November 13, 2006
Anything from glareing at someone across the room, to straight up mangling their ass so severely that the forensics team needs dental records to identify the victim. Abbreviated into PDA, and very oftn confused with a public display of affection.
2 kids are sitting in the corner at a school dance:
Kid 1: *rests head on other kid's shoulder*
Kid 2: *Sighs, holds other kid's hand*
Kiid 1: Shut up, SIR, or I'll show you some real PDA!
Chaperone: No public displays of affection, or you both get kicked out, you hear?
Kid 2: You know mister, I think you ought to be more worried about public display of agression...
by RoseThourne February 26, 2007
A total suckup, brown-noser, boot licker, teachers pet, or butt kisser. Often used as an insult, or in sarcasm.
*teachers pet comes into classroom*
Student 1: (to student 2) Oh look... here comes Mister Suckinupagus... What a bootlicker...
Student 2: (to student 1) yeah, the teachers shoes are going to be really shiny today.
by RoseThourne July 21, 2007
A drunk detector is usually an obscenely brightly coloured or neon outfit or article of clothing. Said article of clothing is to be worn ONLY at multi-day evnts where the majority of people drink themselves senseless, and ONLY on the morning s of all but the first day of the event. The drunk detector is, to hung-over eyes, painfully bright and will cause the people with hangovers to cover their eyes, lose their way, stumble, fall, or even walk off the side of the road into the gutter/ditch. They will hate you afterwards, if they remember you that is.
My ankle-length neon paisly cape is a prime example of a drunk detector.
by RoseThourne March 22, 2007
An avelemite is an alien from a planet far, far, far away from here. Avelemites have distinctly feline heads, with two diagonal facing eyes that give good field of vision as well as excellent depth perception. Avelemites have four paws, the front pair of which have four toes with claws, as well as opposable dewclaws in lieu of thumbs. The hind feet only have four claws. Avelemites also have wings that protrude from their specialized shoulder blades and are supported by powerful flight muscles anchored in the sternum. However, the most striking characteristic of the avelemite is its long, flexible tail, and even more striking, the crescent shaped blades adorning the forehead and at the end of said tail. Usually, avelemites have tails 1.5 to 2.5 times their body length, and comprising 15 to 25 percent of their body weight, due to the heavy musculature needed to support and move the tail.

Just think: flying cheetahs with horns and huge murderousley fast and lethal tails sailing towards you at 30 miles per hour and asking which way the home world is... that's an avelemite.
by RoseThourne November 16, 2007
Ice Pac is the genetically engineered son of Ice Cube and Tupac. Loves cold climates. Cannot talk, due to the lack of a functioning mouth.
Ice Pac was made using two sperm, explaining why he is not a proper human being, but rather a semi-solid ooze that has to be encased in plastic film and kept in the freezer.
by RoseThourne June 04, 2007

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