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The stork that takes away unwanted babies. Can also be used metaphorically to describe any number of circumstances where undesirable results need to be dealt with.
"Tom just told me that he had a condom break last night during some rough riding!!! I told him that his lady friend is gonna be getting a visit from the abortion stork if she doesn’t hurry up and get Plan-B"

"Some landscape guys just dumped a huge pile of dirt in front of my house! They better abortion stork that shit out of there before I go postal"
by romeojul March 12, 2010
When a person or vending machine gives you change from a purchase, or breaks a larger currency denomination into smaller denominations and the resulting change is unusual, inconvenient, and/or frustrating.
“I put a five in the soda machine and it gave me back 30 dimes, 7 nickels, and 55 pennies! Now I have to walk around with a fifty pound pocket of retard change!”

“I gave the pizza delivery guy a 20 and he gave me back a 5, a 2 dollar bill, a 1 with a burn hole in the middle, a peso, and a Canadian quarter. Dudes not getting a tip if he’s givin me retard change!”
by romeojul November 04, 2007
A vagina so fresh and so clean that it reminds you of glacial spring water. The differentiating factor between a clean vagina and a spring water vag is scent; a spring water vag has absolutely no odor where as a clean vagina has a very faint aroma of femininity (i.e. fish). Spring water vag cannot be obtained by cleansing - no amount of douching can return a seasoned vagina to the unadulterated state of spring water vag.
“Yo dude, what happened to you at the party last night?”

“Oh, I snuck out early with this hot little slut. She had the best spring water vag ever! I went to town for hours and not even the slightest off scent! Smell my hand! What do you smell? Nothing! She had the cleanest puss I ever tasted.”
by romeojul October 14, 2011
iced out, flossin. Made famous in song "wanna be a balla" by lil' troy
Wanna be a balla, shot calla. Twenty inch blades on da impalla. Calla, gonna get laid tonight. Swisher rolled tight, got sprayed by ice.
by romeojul July 08, 2011

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