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Someone who calls all the shots in the household.
I'm gonna be a balla, shot calla!
by Holla Back! January 26, 2003
91 28
Someone who has it all together, or at least appears to have it all together.

Generally associated with a person who is confident in what they are doing. (This confidence does not have to be shared within other people for the person to be called "shot calla")
Bro, Corson's got his game together.He's got it figured out. No doubt he the shot calla.
by sean,the October 10, 2006
72 26
1. one who calls the shots
2. usually a balla 3. probably has 20inch blades on their impala
Lil Troy wants to be a balla shotcalla and have 20 inch blades on his impala.
by Andy Orem July 22, 2008
24 8
one who calls da shots-usually a balla too
Ol' boy is a balla/shotcalla!
by SouthsidePrincess October 25, 2003
20 8
One who calls shots as "in" or "out."
Tom shoots the ball.

Brad: "IN!"

The shot goes in.

Tom: "Dag, Brad, you a shot CALLA!"
by Janx McGanx July 04, 2007
20 65
a name to call your bro (or buddy).
Yo ShOT CAllA!

HoLLa ShoT CAllA!!!!!!!!
by LISA January 02, 2003
14 89