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When your condom breaks during sex...duh!
Person 1: Did you hear? During sex, John and Michelle's condom broke. (condom break)
Person 2: Damn, they're fked now.
#condom #sex #pregnancy #teenage pregnancy #intercourse
by SoFetchh May 26, 2008
when kelsey and nick are about to fuck in my moms king size bed with silk sheets and right before they do the condom breaks and nick punches my moms head board and it sounds like they are fucking but they really arent haha and then they come back down at four in the morning so we can all laugh at them
"FUCK! i had a condom break now i cant hit that shit"
#condom breakage #damn that sucks #fuck! #bye bye condom #best thing that has ever happened to kelsey
by somebody from 6/14 July 20, 2006
If Denise's dad's condom didn't break, she would never have been born!
by Penal Code March 30, 2004
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