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22 definitions by rollercoasterkid

Booty obviously is a drug... and with all drugs you can overdose.
Yo man, pete died yesterday.
"Booty Overdose"
by rollercoasterkid April 12, 2010
Someone who cooks and prepares noodles.
"Po, we are noodle folk."

-Kung Fu Panda
by rollercoasterkid April 09, 2010
where you are in front of a crowd and you blurt out the word "FUCK!"
(Beautyfull music plays. Boy messes up)
by rollercoasterkid April 13, 2010
Someone who drinks down Semen like a hummer drinks down gas.
Hey doode i just got a blowjob, she was a real "Semen Guzzler
by rollercoasterkid April 14, 2010
A secret term for smoking marijuana.
Hey man, do you wanna come to my house and Listen To Pink Floyd?

Sure man.
by rollercoasterkid April 21, 2010
In rough sex, or foreplay, you grab the girl's boobie and sqeeze and never let go.
Dude, I was making out with this chick with a huge rack and i gave her a "Boobie Grasp".
by rollercoasterkid April 08, 2010
Where a hipster gets a boner in their tight jeans and it bends down.
HAHA look at that "Bonester!"
by rollercoasterkid April 15, 2010