22 definitions by rollercoasterkid

You know those airplanes that are super high above the ground and the exhaust makes a line-cloud.
It's a bird! It's a plane! Ohh yep it is a plane..."Sky Painter"
by rollercoasterkid April 11, 2010
Is where you get not alot of booty and you are craving some more.
Guy 1: YO dawg, how much of that booty r u gettin?

Guy 2: Not to much man, I'm "Booty Hungry"
by rollercoasterkid April 08, 2010
When you grab a girl's ass in rough sex or foreplay
Dude! Last night I was making out with this chick with a huge donk and in the middle of the sesh, I gave her a "Booty Grasp"
by rollercoasterkid April 08, 2010
Where you are about to get a blowjob and when you don't realize it the girl fills her mouth with hot sauce....

What happened man????

She gave me a "red hot chilli
by rollercoasterkid April 17, 2010
Someone who is so obsessed with you, you want to kill them
Dude, i keep getting txts from her man what do i do?
Man, i dont know. She's such and "Overobsessor"
by rollercoasterkid April 14, 2010
Where a guy's dick is extremely hard but short.
Hey Brenda, how was Jake last night?

Pretty good, except he had a "Crunchy Muffin" HAHAHAHA

by rollercoasterkid April 14, 2010
Dank Piss is a phrase you would say if someone slightly posses you off and you don't wanna say anything.
Lunch lady- you owe me money, you can't get no iced tea! Or cookie!

You- Dank Piss!!!!!!!!!
by rollercoasterkid October 12, 2010

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