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To speak agressivly about somthing. or to take your own tangent about a subject and talk for a long time in a passionate manner. also see Aitkenism.
Geeze neil has been ranting for a good two hours now!!!
by rodrikbodrik May 23, 2004
a celibratory term from the 17c
'hazah!!! We have won!!!'
'Hazah for the colours lads!'
by rodrikbodrik December 04, 2003
based on a gentilman known to his pals as mr Neil Aitkin. he more often than not goes off on a tangent and rants about the U.S government and all the other totalitrian states in the modern world, 'new imperialist' contrys to use a buzz word see New imperilisim also these same contrys are also branded 'the bullies of the world' he speaks of all the wrong and evil that all these governments do to all humanty, he is a more angry version of Bill Hicks.
*watching the news with piping hot cup of tea* 'dammed george w. bush and his regeme *rants for 20-30 munites, sloshing tea all over the living room and himself* ".... also this tea is realy hot and am going to clean it off now!!!"
by rodrikbodrik May 01, 2004
the modern way a contry is run - EG the U.S government wich has one person at the top (the president) and a group of 'advisors' (governers, senitors members of parlement ect) but unlike democratic goverments wich are supposed to be working on a voting system, this system is rigged ang the president, premiere prime minister ect represent the king in a impereialistic soscity, not voted for and can be as creul or as kind as they wish with out the peoples say so.
Eg. the last election in the united states for president between mr Al gore and mr geroge. w. bush that was RIGGED. how else do you think they got the bushes back into power, they fouled up last time, why give them a second chance to bully the world.
by rodrikbodrik May 01, 2004
a mad bad purple clad member of baggots reg. of foote. a 17c re-enacting group in england.
'Tis those dammed baggots
look its the beastly baggot and the bearded baggot with the bedraggeld baggot
by rodrikbodrik December 04, 2003
referance to a back passage arse also an insult used against stupid people, or at a moment when arse is not aproprate to use. like when around children. or old people.
you dammed arris.
i made a complete arris of my self
by rodrikbodrik May 01, 2004
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