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based on a gentilman known to his pals as mr Neil Aitkin. he more often than not goes off on a tangent and rants about the U.S government and all the other totalitrian states in the modern world, 'new imperialist' contrys to use a buzz word see New imperilisim also these same contrys are also branded 'the bullies of the world' he speaks of all the wrong and evil that all these governments do to all humanty, he is a more angry version of Bill Hicks.
*watching the news with piping hot cup of tea* 'dammed george w. bush and his regeme *rants for 20-30 munites, sloshing tea all over the living room and himself* ".... also this tea is realy hot and am going to clean it off now!!!"
by rodrikbodrik May 01, 2004
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