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arse. from cockney rhyming slang -
1 - arse becomes 'bottle and glass' which becomes bottle (proper rhyming slang normally leaves out the rhyming word, being designed to obfuscate meaning)
2 - bottle becomes aristotle
3 - which gets shortened to arris
"You'll get my boot up the fucken arris..."
by sloughfeg May 20, 2005
Arri is a boy, his real name is Arnór Ingi,he does own you,
Arri owns you,Arri is so leet
by Rider19lh September 14, 2008
A homosapians rectal passage
"I've got a massive end in my arris"
by Dr A Ris February 14, 2003
referance to a back passage arse also an insult used against stupid people, or at a moment when arse is not aproprate to use. like when around children. or old people.
you dammed arris.
i made a complete arris of my self
by rodrikbodrik May 01, 2004