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It is when a someone's nose shares a close resemblance to the nose of Tucan Sam!
That girl has a tucan!
"Just follow your nose Tucan!"
by Crotchy April 07, 2005
A tucan is a mythological bird that is best friends with unicorns and high hippies. Tucan Sam is the most well known tucan known in existance today.
I think there is a tucan on the freeway!
by Paul February 27, 2005
An unattractive person with an absurdly large and hooked nose. Typically sleeps around and has numerous partners.
That tucan stole my fruit loops and dresses like a whore.
by luvinhp89 November 26, 2008
The name of the main character in the popular webseries "Tucan and Pals" from XoSs of Newgrounds.
"Tucan spooged on my pajamas."
by Scotty Rockwell July 21, 2005

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