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It is when a someone's nose shares a close resemblance to the nose of Tucan Sam!
That girl has a tucan!
"Just follow your nose Tucan!"
by Crotchy April 07, 2005
6 5
A tucan is a mythological bird that is best friends with unicorns and high hippies. Tucan Sam is the most well known tucan known in existance today.
I think there is a tucan on the freeway!
by Paul February 27, 2005
8 7
An unattractive person with an absurdly large and hooked nose. Typically sleeps around and has numerous partners.
That tucan stole my fruit loops and dresses like a whore.
by luvinhp89 November 26, 2008
7 9
The name of the main character in the popular webseries "Tucan and Pals" from XoSs of Newgrounds.
"Tucan spooged on my pajamas."
by Scotty Rockwell July 21, 2005
1 7