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A browser that lost the browser wars to Internet Explorer long ago. The last version that wasn't over-commercialized was Netscape 4.6. The current version is 7.2, which is loaded down with a lot of AOL junk and advertizing. It is inferior to nearly all browsers on the market, except for Internet Explorer, which it is slightly better than

Firefox>Everything Else>Netscape>Internet Explorer Shells (avent, maxthon)>Internet Explorer
Did you check out the new Netscape Browser beta 8.0? I threw up when I saw the interface and now my computer is ruined.
by Robert April 10, 2005
A person that feels that something is respectable. A person feels that something is cool or good.

This word is along the lines of That's Legit.
I have to study tonight. "I respect that"
by Robert April 23, 2005
A crappy anime with stupid chracters and bad music. whereas Card Captor Sakura is very good anime.
loser 1:Hey let's go watch Cardcaptors.
losor 2:After that we'll watch MTV and go support George Bush.
loser 1: yeah!
by Robert July 07, 2004
The best Counter-Strike Clan EVER!!!!!
Counter-Strike Clan
by Robert April 26, 2004
and armenian warrior of old age armenia
soseh mayrik was a tough warrior (fedai)
by Robert October 10, 2004
a term to describe a well endowed black man masturbating.
I walked in on my roommate Tyrone doing the jigaboo jim in the living room
by Robert October 20, 2004
Big headed and nerdy kid who tends to piss everyone off with his ignorant comments. (troll)
Bob: Go back to your damn cage! :@
by Robert April 06, 2004

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