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the other half of me. fea ger is the love of my life to complete the definition
when you find love you find ger.
by robert January 22, 2005
a person who is half japanese and half korean
My friend is Japorean because her father is japanese and her mother is korean.
by Robert March 29, 2005
Another word for fart;
Sick! Did you boofa?
by Robert March 19, 2005
a phrase; which can be added to the end of any sentence to make it sound dirty
Hey, wanna come over for a pizza, if you know what I mean. ;-)
by Robert March 27, 2004
The most awesome place possible, home to the best University ever. heaven
I want to go to Austin, TX to live.
by Robert March 12, 2004
A Dutch word, which is oftenly used when you haven't got anything to say.
Hello, how are you? I'm fine - long silence - MWEEH MWEEH!!!
by Robert December 11, 2003
A place to start working, fillied with drama and underpayed emplyees most of them illigal immigrents and/or teenagers.
The greedy coperate headsof wendys are destroyeding the once great resteruant.
"hey you know what would be a great idea , lets fuck with peoples heads and get rid of the doller menu, yeeah that'l save money , and we can laugh as the poor of america send more of their money on getting fatter and fatter on our increasingly low quality food!" - Wendys CEO
by robert February 15, 2005

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