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spermies from a guy. The white texture of mayonaise resembles sperm, hence, MANaise.
After getting my dong slobbered, Betsy had to wipe the manaise off of her lips.
by Robby June 10, 2003
A big purse that usually grandma's have but I have recently seen them on young ladies.
Ryann (sophmore) has a grandma purse.
by robby March 02, 2004
a substance which is legal in the united states, yet more dangerous than marijauna which is illegal.
alcohol is a pussy drug
by robby January 01, 2005
Embarrassment or utter humiliation following from words or actions expressed under the influence of a chemical or substance.
He woke up in the biggest pit of shame, he got wasted and tried to fight his girlfriend.

On Saturday morning i woke up in a pit of shame because I realized I puked all over the bathroom.
by Robby December 22, 2003
being sexy and excellent at the same time
1:I just fucked your mom man
by Robby March 25, 2003
Shooting such a good swish that the basketball upon hitting the ground has enough spin from the net to comes back to you.
And for the 342nd straight time Robby is Net Dangerous.
by Robby January 02, 2005
beast things that live in space that come down to fuck earth girls cuz they cant get action in space
alien:our alien girls r ugly beast with balls earth girls r hot lets go down n get some earth action
by robby April 03, 2005

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