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When a person stays up past midnight the next day isn't considered to be as today but rather tommay since the transition with sleep didn't take place between days.
I didn't go to bed before 12, because I don't have a class tommay.
by Ricardo March 14, 2005
A young man who is aware that there is really no such thing as the 'New Man'.. He is however, extremely adept at aquiring new ladies, and has a large 'cool' factor. Due to the fact that he plays the 'New Man' role convincingly.
Lady 1: Hey look at that dude! Mmm, he's hot!
Lady 2: Yeah, but stay away honey, that guy's just a Hujuman
by Ricardo December 06, 2003
A squirrelpotamus is an animal that has the head of a hippopotamus and the body of a squirrel. It is a creature of habit and instinct whose natural habitat are golf courses in and around Glasgow, Scotland.
"Check out that squirrelpotamus big felly!"
by Ricardo January 28, 2005
A person of low social acceptance, A person that does not dress accordingly,
uselly reffering to some one of hispanic origin.

The only possible word that chuntara cant derive from is the last name "Chunt".We must assume that the above is a description of a person that had the last name "Chunt"
That girl is a chunt
by Ricardo January 20, 2005
A loud mouthed hyprocrite often found stabbing people in the back, sucking up to those in power, and pretending not to care when called on his hypocrisy. Will lie to cover himself if necessary.
3 minutes left, down by 3
SarcaStick: Nice cheats Leper
SarcaStick dropped.
by Ricardo June 22, 2004
1. My name at almost all forums

2. Best car ever. Nuff said
Oh shit! 04STi's back!
by Ricardo November 01, 2003
adriana artiga
la adriana es una culona
by ricardo December 14, 2003

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