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wen u get approached by a boy/girl and dere basically chatin u up init
oh did u no dat girl demi she got cherpsed by pure bois yesterday
by duttysoufchikadee November 06, 2006
when you use the walkie talkie feature on nextel
ay dogg. cherp me when u ready. one.
by bob March 25, 2005
when someone says something disgraceful, or blatantly unneccasary and un-called for,
oh he hurt my body, person 1
fucken Cherp miese, person 2
by donvale bandits September 25, 2007
something you say when you see a big breasted chick

When you scoop a boob (man or womens)
Damn look at that chicks tits...CHERP!!

nice tits...cherp

Cheeeerrrrrppp... LOOK AT HER?!
by andy/joey November 06, 2007
when herpes moves from the lips to the chin - chin + herpes
her outbreak was so bad she had cherps
by ghost chili sarah August 17, 2011
To take without concent, or with concent but without knowledge.
I cherps'd your pen
i cherps'd it
by Jason Ridgwell October 14, 2003
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