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A ugly friend that tags along with a buff gal, even though the buff gal is just using her to scare unwanted manz away. When Your in a rave and you try and cherps a gal and her ugly friend trys to pull her away. The ugly friend flops the whole ting.
Man: " Yeah wa gwan whats ur name?"
Gal: " Shanice"
Man: " Seen... Can I have ur digits?"
Gal: " Err, Aight, Its 079"-
Butterz Friend:(From Across the room) "Shanice! Shanice! Lets Cut!"
Gal: Sorry, Sorry, I I Got to
Butterz Friend: Shanice!!!
Manz Bredrins: "Did u Get her Digits?"
Man: " No her butterz friend pulled her away!"
by Ricardo February 22, 2005
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