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hott and sexin badly. she got it goin on baby
daym lil mama, adriana is f i n e
by B00 June 07, 2006
a beautiful, gorgeous, funny, shy, crazy, girl.
Adriana is going to graduate in June . yeeppy !
by hippie life :) April 19, 2009
A sexy, classy smart girl who has a love for life and sex. She will be your best friend, a ride or die kind of girl...But beware she could be your worst enemy if you burn her, shes crazy absolutely funny and incredible. Its impossible not to love her or want her, she is a constant flirt and have an irrestible sexuality.
sexy, adriana, beauty
by foolish4u February 03, 2010
a beautiful, intelligent, fun, cute, super-friendly, humble, crazy, down-to-earth girl!
-That girl is perfect! <3

Yes. She's Adriana =)
by #zyx1239 January 03, 2013
A very nice sexy girl that will love you no matter wat :) she doesnt have many friends but she stays strong. She tends to get put down and hurt easily by so many people but she doesnt let that phase her. She will be happy most of the time and easily knows how to put a smile on your face when you are down. She is very funny and very clumbsy haha she just can make your day. She knows how to please the man she with she can grant all your wishes all you gotta do is ask ;) haha She will have your back no matter what. she cares for everybody so she got chu.
dayum look at adriana ;) she got me
by love love love love love love February 05, 2010
Warrior princess, so bow down. She’s SUPAH SUPAH friendly, she welcomes all critters into the kingdom. Face of an angel, kind, sweet, sexy, generous, fun loving beauty. Perfect features: gorgeous hair (which tends to give off a sweet smelling aroma of foreign spices), white straight teeth, big sparkling eyes, && lots of erm…. dancing equipment (; SPEAKING of dancing, this chick is a BEAST! She tap tap taps her little heart out. She’s got other talents too. She’s a soccer star! She is strong, competitive and goal-oriented. She’s also great at working with others. Every guy wants an Adriana. Every girl wants to be an Adriana. She treats everyone special; noblemen and peasants. She can’t help that she is so alluring to the public. Never talks bad about others. Smart, fashionably dressed. Always a standout in a crowd. Mostly outgoing, sometimes shy. She is simply exquisite ♥
O'Night: Is that....Is that..... *faints*
Craig: Yes... its adriana. Her presence just charms us all into unconsciousness *faints as well*
by cassandrahhh. July 05, 2012
This girl can be nice at first, but has a VERY dirty dark side. She acts like an angel, but deep down, she is a devilish slut.
Brianna: I heard you had sex with Jay... Way to pull an Adriana.
by fdsjag;bivnas.dji January 21, 2012
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