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The team that defeated Illinois in the NCAA Championship game, forever causing Illini fans to come up with excuses to make up for their bitch ass thrashing.
UNC + Illinois = ggnore to Illinois
by Ricardo April 04, 2005
sexy, funny shorty
"Gee, you are being a real loren"
by Ricardo March 27, 2004
A sandwich containing extremely fatty food eg a bun with bacon/sausage/egg/haggis all deep fried.
Can you get me a heart attack for my lunch?
by Ricardo May 18, 2005
waxed/gelled hairstyle with point down middle of scalp employed in early 00s by trendy early 20s.
he thinks he's all that with his hoxton fin and pumas, but at 35 he ought to know better
by ricardo July 22, 2003
A ugly friend that tags along with a buff gal, even though the buff gal is just using her to scare unwanted manz away. When Your in a rave and you try and cherps a gal and her ugly friend trys to pull her away. The ugly friend flops the whole ting.
Man: " Yeah wa gwan whats ur name?"
Gal: " Shanice"
Man: " Seen... Can I have ur digits?"
Gal: " Err, Aight, Its 079"-
Butterz Friend:(From Across the room) "Shanice! Shanice! Lets Cut!"
Gal: Sorry, Sorry, I I Got to
Butterz Friend: Shanice!!!
Manz Bredrins: "Did u Get her Digits?"
Man: " No her butterz friend pulled her away!"
by Ricardo February 22, 2005
Gran Turisimo Veloce - like a GT only faster.
That GTV pi$$es all over the Audi TT.
by Ricardo March 05, 2004
Micheal Schumacher
Adelaide 94
Jerez 97

etc etc etc
by Ricardo December 08, 2003

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