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In reference to those beanies with the spinning propellers on them. It's slang for a trendy techno-geek.
That goofy guy with the long hair and glasses is our Computer guy, but he's a hardcore propellerhead.
by M.R.R. July 08, 2003
A geek or computer nerd
Nigel is real propeller head, he spends all night programming his computer.
by Dimitri W. Ponirakis September 28, 2005
Non-geeks use this term in refrence to geeks. Geeks use this term in refrence to a geek that spews crap that he/she doesn't really know anything about.
non-geek: That guy has a Linux pda, what a propellerhead

geek: That propellerhead is vomiting random termanology in my face.
by ribo August 30, 2004
A BMW enthusiast. Comes from the fact that the BMW logo was inspired by a spinning airplane propeller, which dates back the BMW's beginnings as an aircraft manufacturer.
Man, that kid is such a Propeller Head! He knows BMW's like the back of his hand.
by BMW Boy September 24, 2006
An individual who is destined to advance quickly in an organization.
Anyone who read Good to Great in college is gonna move up in this company, that kid's a real propellerhead.
by That Guy February 19, 2005
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