15 definitions by rhenvar

1. a "suspect" or DL dude
2. a guy with bitchtastic tendencies
That guy's glistening lips and nut-hugging skinny jeans had me consider he'd just been dipped in a vat of eau de homo...
by rhenvar January 11, 2010
A person reeking of unusually dank, musty funk (with an occasional side of RAW, HOT OPEN SWEATY ASSHOLE), especially after sex. Smellin' like ALL TO BE DAMNED, 40,000 YEARS OF FUNK.
"yo, must-o-bust is lightin up the room so much, he has folks tearin' up n' gaggin n' shit...clear the room...call the fire department!"
by rhenvar January 09, 2010
orgasmed, ejaculated (usually projectile)
Just as I was about to orgasm, my boyfriend spreeked all over my teddy bear!
by rhenvar May 13, 2010
A dude that's always bitchin and moanin' like a chick on her menses
'Yo, outta no where, dude went straight McMenstrual on me!...so naturally I offered him a hot Chamomile tea, a Tampax and a Midol."
by rhenvar January 09, 2010
scent of anus.
as the days rolled by with Rob not bathing, the scent of eau de arse began to swell about the premises.
by rhenvar January 09, 2010
an erection
The impromptu Swellington in my trousers prevented me from leaving my seat.
by rhenvar June 18, 2010
the highest, hardest level of an erection that can be reached.
Thinking about Jane had me on granite, shortly before passing out from the blood loss from my cerebrum.
by rhenvar June 18, 2010

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