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adj. To be so unresponsive, that one becomes almost like a beached whale. Largely due to excessive intake of alcohol or marijuana. See also hammered and blitzed.
Man 1: Hey, what did you do last night?
Man 2: Man, I got messed up pretty bad. I was just laying on my buddies couch staring at the people walking by. I guess you could say i was beached.
by retrokid23 March 08, 2006
starting shortstop for the new york mets; the single most exciting player in the major leagues.
Q: Wow, who was that? He sure was fast and exciting!
A: That was Jose Reyes, the most exciting player in the league.
by retrokid23 October 04, 2005
verb. While in conversation, to bring up a name that provokes memories or opinions from those involved in the conversation.
Person A: You hear that Gwynn and Ripkin got into the hall?
Person B: Yeah but Albert Belle was the man during the nineties.
Person A: Ooooh.. good name drop.

Appears in the feature film, "Grandma's Boy", in a scene in which "Super Mario" and "Dad" are "dropped" in conversation.
by retrokid23 January 21, 2007

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