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A type of STAR.
Red giants grow to be lyk.. big. And stuff. Yeah... *grabs encyclopedia*
by restin256 July 21, 2003
A movie that has good concept and philosiphy, but was overrated by special effects and political attention.

The matrix is a computer system that makes up for a false conscousness for people, brainwashing them into believing anything they want. This sums up for all the real psychics, clarvoyants, and telekenis-enabled people, they have simple overcome certain elements of the matrix.

Compare to academia
Time Cube shows us that acedamie exists only to brainwash humans with word god.
by restin256 November 16, 2003
A person who misconcieves usage of the word "punk", believing that it's conforming to pop-punk. After Bad Religion, The Dead Kennedys, The Ramones, etc. introduced and/or became a leading influence in punk rock, their philosiphy came to mean that people can basically do whatever they want (see anarchy). Today, these bands echo into modern groups such as Blink 182, NOFX, or AFI. Being popularly endorsed, Hot Topic material, they really contradict the whole idea of punk, earning the term, psuedo-punk.

Punk has an affiliation with emo, though Psuedopunk contradicts with psuedo Emo.
Punk - Being original, not like anyone else. Given that, it's close to impossible to put an affilliated definition onto it. Usually punk rock consists of fast-moving beats, such as heard in Crass, Subhumans, The Germs, X, X-Ray Spex, Dead Kennedys, Brother Inferior, Whorehouse of Representatives, The Ramones, Bikini Kill, Team Dresch, Bad Religion, Naked Aggression and Conflict.
Psuedopunk - Often offensive misconception of anarchy (people who believe it's disorder and chaos, rather than people not needing government), uses more hard beats than fast beats. Because most of this is commercialised beyond belief, such as in Hot Topic, and don't encurage originality but mirroring people (thousands of people wearing the same shirt, trying to be 'original' and 'catchy', but failling miserably).
by restin256 March 07, 2004
A genuis book of michael crichton about a sea expedition to 700 feet below the surface in search of the remains of an alien spacecraft. Every page seems to revitalize what one would follow the storyline to be about, and is another one of crichton's genuis works.
Oh yeah, and it's a 3 Dimensional geometrical shape in which all points on the surface are equally spaced from the center.
by restin256 November 16, 2003
stalker of Jenn Lisa and Gina f.
Jenn is misunderstood and Gina doesn't know how beautiful she is.
by restin256 July 21, 2003
A form of government in which all social and ecconomical evils have been erradicated, leaving the citizens to live happilly ever after. Even though it's impossible as hell.

From the Greek word meaning "no place".
Everything is possible on paper. Nothing works out in the real world, but on paper...
by Restin256 June 16, 2003
sheer idiot who knows nothing about linux, C/C++, HTML, or computers in general. Makes himself out to be someone that he really isn't but merely wishes to be. Tells other people that he's this perfect image he makes himself out to be, as well, although he'll never get a job, or fully comprehend QBasic or C++.

Goes by Kinde Restin 2^8 or restin256 online.
Restin is open-minded and a crappy self-critic.
by restin256 November 16, 2003
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