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One who fights adamantly for a certain cause.

This word originates from the now-canceled animated series Home Movies, in which one episode featured the main character in a movie playing an ancient warrior called the Landstander, who simply wanted to "stand on land!"
"Dude, why do care so much about that old cartoon? You're such a landstander."
by megas_ex_machina July 29, 2005
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Ultra cool owner of The Starboy Site, known for sexy good looks and extremely well done and interesting content.
"Joseph O' is a Landstander."
by Jesus Bush June 07, 2003
3 35
Message board elitist, mod on ToonZone but very opinionated. Super-Geek for Home Movies and other stupid animation. Likes to ban people in his spare time.
Landstander gave me jwl's email address so I could tell him I'm sorry for the crap people treated him like on ToonZone.
by restin256 July 21, 2003
1 36