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Sexually obsessed man
Woman: "Man, you are so jwl"
Man: "Want to have some hot monkey intercourse?"
Woman: "Okay, but can my sister join in?"
by Dirk Gently June 16, 2003
misunderstood guy on ToonZone forums that likes to add lines between what he says but is misunderstood and disliked and misunderstood and shunned and banned from toonzone by mean elitist people who don't know what an online friendship means to people and what it means to be accepted.
jwl is misunderstood

and I think he is Russian

I would also like to see a PuP Named Scooby Doo on Toonami, bitch.
by restin256 July 21, 2003
jwl is a

meber of toonzone who likes

to right with lines between what he rights

and incoherent thoughts

thanks jwl
i thought the episode was funny.

the episode was a funny episode

of futurama

thanks jwl
by Jesus Bush June 14, 2003