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A comedy skit featured on the television show Saturday Night Live that gained notoriety due to its use of ribald word play. The skit, which aired live on February 22, 2003 in SNL's 28th season, featured the show's guest host Christopher Walken as the namesake Civil War hero Colonel Ennol Angus. Written by Tina Fey.
I myself never much cared for Colonel Angus. He rubs me the wrong way. Not sure why. Can't put my finger on it.
by Resedo August 06, 2009
Legendary bassist for the English progressive rock band Yes. Highly influential to a whole generation of bass guitarists,he remains one of the most original and exciting musicians of our time.
I loved Chris Squire's extended bass solo "The Fish" from Yes' live album "Yessongs"!
by Resedo August 04, 2009
Portuguese musician who gained legendary cult status for his renditions of Chris Squire bass lines posted on YouTube. Extremely talented multi-instrumentalist and all around nice guy.
Miguelbass' version of Yes' "I'm Running" kicked major ass!
by Resedo January 01, 2010
The oral stimulation of a woman's vagina ; cunilingus.
Before we fuck, she always expects me to engage in a long session of vulvaslurpus.
by Resedo August 06, 2009
A fecal impaction is a large mass of dry, hard stool that can develop in the rectum due to chronic constipation. This mass may be so hard that it cannot come out of the body. Watery stool from higher in the bowel may move around the mass and leak out, causing soiling or diarrhea. Slang synonym - hardcap.
My impaction was so bad I had to see a doctor to have it removed.
by Resedo August 12, 2009
n. A grouchy old seaman of higher rank, decrepit and impaired from many hard years at sea.
I saw that old klavust out on the wharf reprimanding some poor, young stevedore yesterday.
by Resedo July 24, 2009
In the style or manner of, or resembling the lamebrained antics of Homer Jay Simpson. Clumsy, ignorant and prone to sudden bouts of rage.
His homeresque behavior makes Tim quite unpopular at work, but he sure was the life of the party last night!
by Resedo August 04, 2009

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