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The biggest, loudest, longest, and most disgusting queef you've ever heard. You may then proceed to call that person Optimus Queef for the rest of their life, even if it is your own child.
Damn Sarah, that was the fuckin Optimus Queef. You might wana change your pants or somethin... DAMN
by remt June 09, 2007
Queef - term which refers to vaginal flatulence and ensuing execretment
"Katherine had to change her pants because they were full of Queef Cakes."
by remt April 20, 2007
blunt rolled by a rastafarian for religious purposes. rastafarians believe the use of cannabis to be sacred.
popo: Is that a joint your smoking?
dude: Yah, but it's ok cuz it's a monk blunt
by remt April 21, 2007
Term including and recitating the effect of an "in your face" burn/diss. In relation to the word "face."
dill: why did you hit me?
bill: because I don't like you, faceage!

dill: your too big to play with.
bill: that's not what your mama said, faceage!
by remt October 04, 2006
term relating to and meaning penis
hey girl, how about you strip and raise my jizzle crane and we can get workin all night long
by remt October 30, 2006
Black guys who go out with White girls.
dude 1: yo, tyrone be mackin cindy
dude 2: i know he be a kracker snacker
by remT October 20, 2007
A much simpler way of saying having sex or had sex. It is in past tense form.
dude- Do you think they sexed?
guy- I dont know but I sexed her up last night.
dude- No I definitely sexed her last night.
guy- Damn, she playin us.
by remT September 06, 2007
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