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Group sex act, whereby as many people as possible attempt to simultaneously penetrate a meth addicted prostitute in every orifice. The prostitute must be enticed with the promise of free drugs upon completion of the act. However, as soon as the last participant has successfully inserted his member into the host, all participants suddenly pull out all at once and proceed to run away without paying.
After school, Billy suggested we all go down to the local truckstop to see if we could find us an old Albuquerque Clowncar and go for a joyride.
by rectacular March 25, 2008
The act of defecating into another person's tracheotomy hole.
Uncle Jim owed me 30 bucks for a carton of cigarettes, so I gave him the old Copenhagen Coughdrop as a warning to pay up.
by rectacular March 26, 2008
Two people lay side by side, in opposite directions. Each person then inserts a foot into the other's rectum or vagina. Both parties then attempt to moonwalk.

A variation on these dance involves one person inserting both feet into the other person's rectum and/or vagina.
I was sure embarrassed when my grandma walked in on me and Steve doing the Tulsa Twostep, while whacked out on paint fumes again.
by rectacular March 25, 2008
To quiet a screaming baby by first shaking it vigorously and then placing it in a motel microwave.
Josh thought he'd discovered a whole new frontier of fucked-up when he tossed and toasted his 2-month-old at the motel 6 in Galveston, but it was just another ordinary Saint Louis Shake n' Bake.
by rectacular April 03, 2008
To eat a bologna sandwich out of a stripper's vagina.

Technically, the sandwich must be a bologna sandwich on wonder bread, with American cheese and mayo.
After losing nearly everything on the craps tables, Steve had just enough cash left in his pocket for one last Las Vegas Lunchbox at the old Crazy Horse, before hitting the road.
by rectacular March 27, 2008
When a person inserts their penis into the colostomy hole of a person with a colostomy bag, while simultaneously drinking the contents of the bag.
Henry always had a penchant for the old Cincinnati side-pocket, but lately it was getting harder and harder to find willing partners, ever since the old folk's home burned down.
by rectacular April 03, 2008
A man and a woman pierce their scrotum and labia minora together using a pair of 5 gauge surgical steel rings and then attempt to perform intercourse.
My girlfriend and I just went to Berkley last Tuesday to get our junk pierced and decided to take a ride on the old San Bernardino Sailboat when we got home. It was fun.
by rectacular March 25, 2008

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