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83 or 84 elbows chrome spoke rims that goes on a slab(car).
I popped up on 4's,candy blue slamming cadilac dowes.
by RD October 17, 2003
A town in cambridgeshire inhabitated by inbred, stupid, pikeys. It is not recommended to walk through Wisbech at night.
"I'm off to Wisbech for the afternoon, darling. Don't expect me home in the morning. I'll be lying a ditch, after being mugged by a gang of pikeys."
by RD October 18, 2003
Ivar: An engine - made by Welsh Dragons

Makes funny noises - 'shhhhhgerromppp shhhhgerrrommpppp' etc
Why does Ivar have a funny accent - it's because he is Welsh and an steam engine
by RD January 30, 2005
the most valuable thing
something we can never have
That moment you wish you could have back and live in forever
by rd March 22, 2004
Prostitute,Lady of the Night,Street Walker
Look at the way she is dressed she looks like a " Dutch Widow"...
by RD November 19, 2003
The incorrect way to spell Hylnur.

Also means fastidious and nitpicking.

Icelandic for maple
Would you like some Hlynur on your toast, no thanks i would prefer some Hylnur
by RD January 30, 2005
(see above)
by RD October 20, 2003

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