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Nice 1 (one)

mostly refering to a ---- Nice Shot ----
Headshot! ------> : n1 dude
by RauL November 14, 2003
Abbreviation for Nice One.

See also NW and WP.
Cheers m8, n1!
by Bruce Lee March 30, 2003
Another componant of 1337 speak commonly used in online games (especially Counter-Strike). Has also found its way into

Stands for 'nice one', and can be used in many different contexts.
"n1 m8, cya @ 8!"


"ns, n1 m8!"
by daveeee July 13, 2004
Definition "Nice One", is using for a good frag or good Trick.
for any First Person Shoter Game, like Quake 3 Arena, DeFRaG, Call of Duty , etc..
n1! dude.. nice moves
by Matt Gregor October 22, 2006
when someone says something good or takes a shot at someone and you'd feel obligated to say 'nice one'

short for nice one.
me: oh dood i saw this guy with an ill stash and i screamed at him, NICE STASH FATSO!
james: n1.
by rayjay April 04, 2006
Used to refer to a film which does well.
"Jaws is a total N1".
by chief brodie August 19, 2008

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