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When the two balls are constantly bigger than the penis, commonly seen in the cold cold weather of budapest or other eastern european countries.
A descriptive term
On a cold night in budapest rutley showed one.
Dave has a ragtallion
by ratty April 21, 2006
a slut (typically from powell river) that loves to sit on cock and keep it warm!
taylor was one furry cockwarmer. bitch rode my shit all night long like a champ!
by RaTTy April 10, 2003
One whose face takes on the appearance of a Rat. Generally extremely intelligent, gets alot of rat-bitches. Quietly watches from an inconspicuous position until the time is right to strike.

Also, the nickname given to the King of Perth City, Western Australia, the most brutal Rat-Lord of them all.
Man, dont fuck with the Ratface his minions will fuck you up!!
by ratty April 18, 2006
penis,, male organ,
kiss my large peener
by Ratty March 07, 2003
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